Ki’s Grand (and Ill-Advised) Attempt to Save the World

Greetings, new friend and/or enemy.

My name is Kieran Jaegar, and I am truly glad to make your acquaintance, regardless of friendliness or hostility levels toward me; at this point, any attention is good attention toward my cause.

If you’re reading this, you’re highly likely to be one of the few people who innately sense that something is severely wrong with our societies, with our world. Perhaps you have a general sense of malaise or foreboding that’s been steadily growing in recent years. Perhaps you’ve had night sweats and bad dreams, you’re not sleeping, not eating. Maybe you’ve even had honest-to-god visions of “a boot stamping on a human face — forever.” You may have turned to the medical establishment to sell you some pricy pills or therapy meant to help you feel better, but they didn’t seem to do much to cure the relentless itch gnawing at your mind, pulling on your soul with every breath, every heartbeat:

This. Isn’t. Right.”

You may have tried to look for any information or clues toward figuring out what’s happening via the internet or books. You most likely tried to talk to friends and family about your misgivings, looking for any way to calm your constantly-fried nerves. You may have tried to describe your innate sensing of “wrong-ness” to literally anyone else who would listen. You may have been told you are mentally or emotionally unstable… even though your emotions make perfect sense to you given your context, and even though your logic still hasn’t been proven wrong, despite you desperately wishing for it to happen every day just to finally have a way to relieve the pressure and anxiety. You may have had it explained to you by the professionals in painstaking detail that you should adhere to consensus reality at all costs, and that your emotions and thoughts are entirely wrong and misinformed because “everything is actually going okay.”

But you know… somehow, inexplicably, at a very deep, core level… THEY are the ones who are wrong. THEY are the ones are not seeing what is actually happening, what has happened, and what is still yet to come.

They do not feel the growing panic. They cannot see the signs. They refuse to do anything to help, despite a wave of suffering rapidly cascading across the planet.

“Everything is actually going okay.”

I hereby vow: I will never, ever, do, say, or even imply ANYTHING so callous and dismissive of how you feel. When it comes to other people and collectives, intuition is the single most valuable asset we have as individual organisms, and you would be wise to listen to it very closely when it’s telling you something BIG is off. You have my promise: I will never tell you to ignore your gut feelings, even if they tell you not to trust me… as there are literally MILLIONS of years of evolution that have gone into fine-tuning them, all with the idea of keeping you safe here and now.

I am here writing this because I sense it, too. I have for almost a decade. The suffocating presence of some kind of… vast, nearly-incomprehensible wrongness plaguing our society from the inside out like a tumor, a root-level illness that is invisibly draining and killing millions (if not BILLIONS) while we each individually slave away to serve it, completely unaware of who or what our efforts are benefiting beyond a meager paycheck that is barely enough to get our families by for a week or two.

“They” (the elites in any collective) like it when “we” (the middle and lower classes of that collective) are:


Those Seven Confounding States (SUB-ECHO) are absolutely excellent places to put people in… IF you’re a selfish asshole with the end goal of making human beings extremely easy to manipulate and control. That is because all seven lead back to the main manipulator, the big bad, the one and only thing we ever have to be afraid of at all in our short existence: FEAR. We quickly develop significant problems in our lives when only one or two of the SUB-ECHO states are active in us, distorting our core perceptions of reality. Imagine how bad it might get at three, four, or five… and then realize that the top echelons in our society very much seem to be pulling out the last few remaining stops, in order to make sure everyone (except an “elite” privileged few) are afflicted with all seven simultaneously.

The top 0.001% is not a stupid class of people; they make their obscene profits by hiding in the shadows and encouraging the rest of us to fight amongst ourselves for an ever-smaller pool of resources. Because of the significant risk of being caught and killed by someone who found out, a person/group (who isn’t stupid) would only attempt to hit humanity at large with the SUB-ECHO if and ONLY IF they are looking to cause a catastrophic war that they KNOW they will survive, and stand to profit handsomely off of.

Think about it. REALLY think about it. I’m not telling you anything new or controversial here. Deep down, we all already know what’s going on; humanity’s been dealing with this problem since the beginning. Why do the billionaires want to go to the moon and Mars so bad? Why are they all buying islands and bunkers and arsenals and private security instead of helping everyone secure food and shelter first? The answer is terrifying in its total simplicity: They feel it coming, too. And yet… despite being the ONLY people who have the power and resources to turn it all around with a simple flick of their wrists, to save us without the loss of life, they continue to amass and hoard wealth like there won’t be any left very, VERY soon.

That last sentence should scare the ABSOLUTE SHIT out of you… if not for your sake, then for your loved ones’.

If you’re here, you likely found me through one of my comments here on Medium, one of the places around the web that I have attempted to highlight one or more of the symptoms of our core disease, all in such a way as to hopefully get the attention of people who might be in a powerful enough position to do something about it (and all without causing so much of a ruckus that I get “disappeared” for rocking the boat). However, most of my words the last few years have fallen on deaf ears, as the polarization in the United States has exponentially grown and almost everyone in the (shrinking) middle and (growing) lower classes has dug their heels into the WRONG “us versus them” dichotomy, whether based on 1) political party, 2) geographic location, 3) religion, or 4) race. Those four are just symptoms of the core controversy, the main malady, the Big Boss, the true test facing us collectively as a species. The suddenly all-important question that has been looming over us for millennia, like a dark stormcloud that’s been threatening to drop a bolt of lightning straight into our hearts if the wind changes even a tiny bit:

How do we divide our collective resources fairly so that honest, actual effort is rewarded, but failure isn’t a death sentence?

Go to Google and take a quick look at Jeff Bezos’ current net worth if you haven’t lately and realize: There is no clearer evidence that we have 100% failed to answer that critical question adequately, and literally millions continue to die every month due to our absolute and unending incompetence in this arena.

And it is only growing worse. I see it. You feel it. We both know: We are all locked in a bus, with toddlers fighting over the wheel, and we are rapidly headed for the edge of a cliff.

Therefore… in order to avert the distinct possibility of mass bloodshed that looms before us… in order to prevent a technologically-advanced civil war in the USA that could easily destabilize the entire globe and threaten 8 billion lives, if not immediately sparking World War III… in order to SAVE THE WORLDthe time has come to take decisive, peaceful action.

With me so far? Good. Because this is where you come in.

I need a team.

I require a group of around 10-12 dedicated, relentless individuals with various skills and specialties, people who cut to the core of the issue every single time without screwing around, people with their empathy centers fully online and firing 24/7, people who sense the same foreboding dread that I do and are willing to commit themselves, body, mind, and soul, to uncovering the truth (and hopefully saving humanity from a long and likely horribly painful death). Together, these rare individuals and I are going to form a lean, mean investigative/creative team that is going to drill down to the absolute core, the molten center of our society and find out exactly what the fuck is going wrong in this world… and then disseminate that core truth in easily-digestible formats to the public at large to do with as they will.

We will root out fear, pain, and falsehood wherever we find them, and replace them with love, healing, and truth, like a surgical team first identifies and then cuts out the infection, thus helping the body at large to heal itself in a way that could not be done otherwise. We will use empathy instead of force, connection instead of terror, compassion instead of rage. We will be real-life superheroes, using technology, science, philosophy, logic, discipline, focus, and most of all: HEART… all to save the human race from succumbing to its own darkness. I refuse to go into the night just yet, regardless of whimper or bang, because I’m not done living.

There is no dogma here, no holy book, no magical deities to worship or mythos-laden stories to quote at each other. There will be no “holier than thou” attitudes or pious judgment. And we will have only three rules to guide us:

  1. “Love one another to the greatest extent possible,”
  2. “Drill to the core truth,” and
  3. “Never let fear win.”

If you like and/or love humanity and the human experience like I do, and would like to see your (as well as others’) existence(s) continue with as much freedom, happiness, and fulfillment as possible, then please join me. I have a truly mind-bending project in the works that stands to unify large swaths of the population behind a set of nobler ideals than the ones we have currently available to choose from, but I cannot do what it takes alone.

I have been training for the last ten years to become our top Guide, meant to scout ahead and show humanity the most empathic way forward, with the least amount of pain and suffering possible. It has been an absolutely agonizing decade, plucking truth from fiction and knowledge from hypothesis while being barely able to scrape by, watching my previous connections and personality slip away… all the while slowly and methodically preparing to become the emotional lightning rod for millions (or billions) of people ALL AT ONCE.

Now that my internal preparation is finally complete, it is my only concern, my sole mission, my very purpose for existing, that as many beings as possible live free of suffering and cleared of fear. In Buddhist circles, one might call me a “bodhisattva;” in Christian circles, a “prophet.” I ultimately do not know WHAT I am and I DO NOT CARE; that is for others to decide after they have seen and judged the entirety of my words and actions. Suffice it to say that I am driven by some unseen, unknowable force that some may call “God” and others may call “Love,” to ensure that we ALL can flourish and co-exist peacefully on this gem of a planet… and at the level we’re stuck on, that goal can now ONLY be accomplished with a great deal of specifically-created-and-targeted psycho-spiritual medicine being distributed to as many people as possible, leading to a rapid and significant reduction in fear and suffering levels in a vast majority of people around the globe. That is the only thing I can see that will allow humanity’s love to reign in peace once more.

And so… we come to the “ask.”
The “what am I supposed to do with all this awfulness I’m now fully aware of?”
The “call to action.”

Consent is EVERYTHING, to me, and to you. Without it, life is unmitigated torture. We all want to get what we want… and what I want is for human beings to stop heaping completely needless, useless pain and fear on each other for personal profit and/or revenge.

And I’d bet all the money in my bank account that you want that, too.

I ask, then, that you consent to add your power to mine… and together we stand a damn chance of curing this tenacious, nameless, terminal metaphysical illness that has been plaguing humanity ever since the first trade occurred.

Alternatively… if you truly think you’re contributing to the maximum extent available to you, and you’re having a great and positive impact on the world (instead of being used to build a prison we don’t understand), then feel free to forget entirely about me and keep on doing what you’ve been doing. I’m serious; you’ll do more good continuing on with what you’re already doing if that’s actually the case. But before you go, you should take a moment to process the notion that all across history (from my perspective), everyone keeps trying to treat the collective symptoms that keep manifesting, while no one is actually tackling the CORE of the collective disease we’re up against, and that failure has directly led to our shared “spiritual illness” officially reaching CRITICAL existential levels.

In addition to the unconscious disease infecting us, there is very likely high fuckery afoot, with some individuals or groups or warring factions almost certainly attempting to capitalize on humanity’s (either intentional or accidental) destabilization, enough so that they can solidify highly centralized control over us without the explicit consent of those being governed. By my long-fought and hard-earned thought processes, we have… MAYBE A DECADE before a technologically-advanced Panopticon (meant to allow one entity to invisibly spy on everyone at once) is finished being built, both BY and AROUND us.

The final destination I see rapidly hurtling toward us is either death, or a prison of both the body and the mind that stands to make Orwell’s “1984” look like heaven on earth in comparison, one that will make us WISH for death.

And NO, there is most likely (99%+) no escape for humanity from the slavery that inevitably follows if they succeed, for decades… if not HUNDREDS of years and DOZENS of generations. They will, with absolute certainty, keep the lowest classes trapped in the SUB-ECHO: dumbed down, distracted, and completely unable to unify in order for us to stand a chance of toppling their absolute control… and because of this solidification of the vast majority of power and resources at the top, the technology that they will use to effect their desires will appear to those unfortunate souls afflicted or trapped by it as MAGIC SO ADVANCED that we have LITERALLY ZERO HOPE of dismantling or defeating it.

…I don’t know about you, but I would like to live longer than the next ten years (and be as free as possible during that time) if I have ANY say at all in the matter. I would like to feel hopeful for the future instead of pessimistic, anxious, and angry. I would like our children to NOT grow up enslaved to some soulless system that both they and their parents will not understand and will not be able to ever change. I would like my friends and family to flourish in affluence instead of flounder in poverty. I would like our systems to do immense good for the most possible people, instead of trapping and enslaving them and calling THAT “progress.”

The ONE thing we have going for us… our ONE advantage in this fight for the collective human soul… is that until it’s finished being built, we still have (some) time to figure out what exactly is going on in the dark heart of America, time to thwart the infernal machine before it kills us all… but not nearly as much time as I or anyone else would reasonably like to have in this situation.

So, your mission, if you want to help in some way, is to comment, shoot me a message, or go look at my stuff on Quora (yes, I am gender-fluid, thus Kiera sometimes and Kieran others). Communicate with me there if you have any doubts whatsoever that I have obtained the perspective I lay claim to.

All of this wall of words to say that, at the end of the day, the truth is… I cannot save humanity without your help. I have tried, and failed. It is physically impossible with the amount of time and limitations before me. Thus, now I must turn to creating a small team that is soul-driven, laser-focused, well-educated, terrifyingly flexible… and 100% dedicated to saving our world AT ALL COSTS.

I am ALL of those things, and I am ready to go. Are you?

If not… would you like to be?

I can show you the way.

My name is Kieran Jaegar.

I have faced the darkest demons the Universe has to offer, and I have come out the other side, covered in scars, yes… but more alive than ever and ABSOLUTELY READY to lead the charge to bring our brothers and sisters out of their pain and fear.

I am the Guide.

And no matter how painful it is, no matter how long it takes, I am GOING to save this goddamn planet, even if I suffer greatly, even if I am doomed to fail… and even if it kills me.

I will it.

I vow it.

Join me… and let’s FINALLY make this a fucking world worth dying for.



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