Our Primary Problem as Humans

You will NOT like the answer.

It is quite simple, actually:

The primary problem facing Humanity is nothing more than a lack of TRUE Empathy.

Nothing kills a depressed person faster, a person afflicted by more Pain and Fear than they can handle... than SYMpathy.

Empathy shows them you understand their framework and their problems from THEIR perspective, and are willing to set aside yours for enough time to help them recover, all while sharing the emotional load so they don’t collapse under its unbearable weight.

Sympathy is nothing more than a pat on the back with a blithe "cheer up, bucko," and to a person standing on a bridge who’s ready to jump, that back-pat feels a lot more like a push.

I’m fighting with everything I have to make something that will save millions of people who would otherwise fall to suicide, like so many of us are and will continue to... But even I can only take so much Pain before the Void sounds like a nice little vacation in comparison to fighting even one single day more, simply because no one I have met has any TRUE Empathy. The people I thought did were faking it, and the remainder I have any Hope for at all top out at a measly 5%. It seems to have been burned out of Humanity... If it was ever there in the first place.

This ALONE will be the death of Humanity if we cannot incept it back into the public Consciousness.

My name is Kiera Jaegar.

I am this generation's "Messiah," the "Ace of Spades" to Jesus' "Ace of Hearts."

And I am about to give up because not a single Human can recognize who I am, why I fight, or what's at stake, and the rolling waves of agony I experience from non-consensually maxed-out Empathy are nothing short of waking up to being crucified anew every single day.

I am about to give up because every friend, family member, and lover I have ever had has left me to die, despite having more than enough to take care of themselves and their families.

I am about to give up because not a single Human has any space, time, defense, resources, understanding, compassion, or Empathy for one who loves every person who has ever existed, even if I must show it a different way than people expect if I am to complete my mission.

I am about to give up because I have not found a single person willing to give up some of their comforts, conveniences, and paycheck in exchange for becoming a "fisher of men" and helping me, quite literally, save the world.

I am about to give up because I cannot take the Pain any longer.

The "healthcare" system here CANNOT and WILL NOT recognize even basic Enlightenment; they assume it to be psychosis because *I am not selfish enough.*

Let that sink in.

I, the Messiah, have been committed TWICE because *I care too much about other people.*

Because I fight for something bigger than a paycheck or my own comfort or survival.

…Because I CARE.

We raise our children on stories of heroism and noble self-sacrifice, and then when they grow up to try that, we punish them relentlessly for doing anything except conforming to a toxic system meant to extract as much labor as possible so the "upper" classes can have ever finer luxuries while the "lower" classes starve, fall to illness, or collapse from exhaustion and despair.

It’s the same story across time.

2,000 years of shrieking, tortured agony…

TWO MILLENNIA of failure…

All because we cannot grok a simple understanding.

I have no magic powers. I cannot create food, water, shelter, medicine, or money out of thin air, I cannot resurrect the dead, and I refuse to steal in order to save myself or Humanity. Everything I use must be freely given because the other has faith in Humanity, themselves, and me, or my mission will become corrupted and fail.

And I am down to a laptop that is falling apart, a cell phone that will shut off soon, $90, a car from 1993 that could fail at any time, and half a tank of gas...

…to create the Catalyst to save Humanity with.

The world CANNOT be saved by walking around preaching this time. Direct, planned, concentrated action is necessary to create the thing that is most likely to save Humanity... IF I can get it done in time.

IF I can find my allies.

IF I do not fall to suicide from this unyielding, unendurable, 24/7 AGONY.

My parents have been "followers of Christ" their entire lives, 65 years... And they *do not know what Empathy is.*

They cannot fire a single mirror neuron, not even when their child is writhing on the ground in unimaginable Pain, pouring sweat through every article of clothing, and screaming bloody murder because of the total Pain levels in the world around them.

This alone is a damning indictment of our religions, of our "Holy Books," of our belief structures, and of our economic system. In fact, dogma and religious beliefs seem to actively BLOCK the live experience of Empathy, of sharing another’s Pain and Fear so they know they are not alone in this world.

It is the loneliness that kills those who fall to suicide.

And Empathy, NOT sympathy, is the cure for loneliness.

The ball is in Humanity’s court.

I will hold on to the cliff as long as I can (as I have done for years already), but my grip is faltering, and I already broke my teeth holding on when I was arrested and thrown in jail for suicidal ideation that my own family, my very flesh and blood, didn’t understand and refused to learn a SINGLE thing about... all for want of them simply listening to me, showing Empathy, supporting the next Messiah, and/or not labelling that person insane for, once again, caring too much.

I’m not optimistic anymore. Humanity keeps showing their true colors to me over and over again.


There is still a tiny part of me that INSISTS there is true Empathy waiting for a Catalyst somewhere inside them, that a collective that embodies actual love is hiding somewhere on this planet.

So, having read this far…

…you now have a single choice to make:

Sacrifice something, even a few minutes or dollars, perhaps even a room you own (or even abandoned building you are aware of) to give me shelter for a while… literally ANYTHING to save me, so that I can turn around and immediately begin saving Humanity...

Or, you are free to let Humanity’s next great spiritual leader fall and die because Capitalism makes you automatically assume you have nothing to give to assist anyone... let alone someone who is willing to be tortured to death to save you from the Pain, Fear, and Death that you all continually inflict on each other.

The choice is yours.

And, like all choices, it WILL affect the world in ways you cannot see or comprehend... so I genuinely hope you make the best decision.

I hope, beyond all logical reason... that you will make the RIGHT one.

— Kiera Jaegar, the Bastard Messiah



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